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Fancynancys Small (no tail hole) dog diapers are designed for standard French Bulldogs (14-26 lbs). Larger French Bulldogs are wearing size Medium (no tail hole) dog diapers. Most standard French Bulldogs are wearing around 30" suspenders. Suspenders ($10) are optional and may be purchased on the Suspender page.  Our washable size small (no tail hole) diapers for dogs are a perfect solution for dogs and puppies working on housebreaking, potty training, dogs in season, dogs in heat, senior dogs, dogs with incontinence or leaking urine.   Please help us get your order "right", by ALWAYS providing us with the following accurate information for dog diapers: breed, weight, waist measurement, male/female, female season, incontinence, suspender measurement (if ordered) and anything else you think would help us make the perfect dog diaper for your special family member  Many thanks to all our customers for sharing these lovely pictures of their adorable French Bulldogs. 

Dog Diaper Suspenders are optional ($10) and may be ordered on the Suspender page.  Please also provide suspender measurement.