Welcome to FancyNancys *Male and Female Dog Diapers Dog Panties Dog Britches Nappies Pants for Dogs and Dog Collars.  Our male and female washable dog diapers are a perfect solution for dogs and puppies working on housebreaking, dogs in season, dogs in heat, senior dogs, dogs with incontinence or leaking urine.  If you are new to our dog diapers please check our sizing chart.  Our washable dog diapers will need a disposable liner or sanitary napkin (designed for women) inside the diaper to prevent the diaper from getting soiled.   For incontinent dogs who pee rather than dribble you will need either a disposable baby diaper,  sanitary pad or an incontinence pad.  Larger incontinence pads provide the best absorption.  For our female dobermans who have been on lasix, we have used Poise incontinence pads along with PUL (waterproof) dog diapers.


 * If you are ordering dog diapers for a male (boy) dog, please let us know.  We have a limited amount of male dog diapers in the Quick Ship pages, however, male dog diapers may be ordered on Dog Diapers - 3 week shipping page.  We will do our best to mail them as soon as possible. Please see our About Male Dog Diaper page for placement of disposable sanitary napkin on the male dog diaper.

FancyNancys.com dog diapers panties britches nappies are handcrafted in the USA.  We love dogs and started designing dog diapers when our first female dog needed diapers for her first season 25 years ago.  Our Quick Ship collection ships 2 business days after an order is received and is limited in the number of different fabrics.  We offer many different fabrics to select from in our Custom dog diaper collection.  Our Custom collection can be customized just for your dog.   Please let us know weight, breed, waist measurement, waist to tail measurement. The generous amount of double stitched elastic in legs provides comfort and adjust-ability in the leg area.  Our dog diapers are perfect for dogs and puppies working on house training, dogs in season, senior dogs, or dogs with incontinence.  We add absorbent flannel padding to the crotch area and we recommend lining interior of diaper with a self adhesive feminine napkin or adult urine absorbing pad. Several of our clients use disposable dog diapers inside our washable cloth diapers.


New!!!  We do make our own matching suspenders (optional $10) when your dog is supervised.  If your dog is not supervised, we are recommend attaching suspenders to our diaper and attaching the suspenders to a harness.  We have found the Front Range Ruffwear Harness provides comfort and safety for our own dogs when they are not supervised.  We are always extremely concerned about anything around their necks that may cause spinal problems and/or choking.   Please see our Harness page for more information.

Our dog diapers feature 100% high-quality cotton on the outside and 100% cotton flannel on the inside. Our waist is extremely adjustable with a generous amount of hook and loop tape. Our diapers are machine wash and dry.  We recommend delicate washing and hanging to air dry to avoid unnecessary wear and tear.  Please close the hook and loop tape when washing to prevent other fabrics and threads attaching to it.  

Please let us know if you would like waterproof PUL.  PUL is a lovely fabric used in baby diapers and it will add extra protection for the heavy leakers.

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