Here is one of our Dobermans wearing size large Ruffwear Front Range Harness with 1 Inch Wide Clip Suspenders (X-Back) to hold up her dog diapers. We are still making our wrap around suspenders, however, we recommend a more comfortable and safe harness with suspender attachment for our many customers who have bulldogs, dogs with special needs, and other breeds who need a more comfortable and safe solution for holding up their diapers.  If you have a dog who gets chafing in the thigh area when wearing a diaper, the harness and suspender solution will help prevent the soreness that chafing and rubbing on the thigh will do otherwise. 

​If you you would like to purchase suspenders for the harness and suspender solution, please order the harness from  Once you have the Ruffwear harness and our diaper, please let us know the measurement you will need for the suspender to reach from the back of dog diaper to harness.  X-Back suspenders are $18 + shipping.  We purchase the suspenders from the Suspender Store.  If you would like to purchase the suspenders directly and make the necessary adjustments, here is the link:

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