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Tank Shirts xx-Small to 4xl

 We love our Doggie Tank Shirts made from high quality stretch cotton.  If you are purchasing a Doggie Tank Shirt to be attached to our Dog Diapers, please contact us at or 704 804-2709 so we can customize the tank and diaper for your dog.  If you would like to order a tank for fun, please use the shopping cart below.

Girth Measurement & Breed: Tank and Panty Combo Tank and Panty Combo
  Katrina Panty attached to Hot Pink Tank   Sorbet Panty attached to Light Pink Tank



Sizing Info

Chest/Girth: Measure girth around the broadest part of the chest with allowance for thick coats.  This measurement is "A".

Note: Most Important Measurement - If your dog's measurements fall on the larger end of a size range and your dog has a stout build, select the next size up.  This tank is made to be shorter on the back and form fitting.

Note: "B" is the garment length,