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About Our Dog Diapers for Male & Female Dogs, Special Needs, Suspenders and Tee Shirts for Dogs (xx-small to 6xl)

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Dog Diapers, Dog Panties, Dog Diapers, Bitch Britches, Dog Britches, Dog Nappies are all the same product.

Fancy Nancy's Dog britches (female dog panties, dog diapers, bitch britches, nappies, etc.) for female dog season (female dog heat), male and female dog housebreaking or dog incontinence, are designed with lots of terrific fabrics and made in the USA.  Our dog panties are the solution for male and female dogs who have sensitive and delicate skin.   Our flannel lining is extremely soft.

We recommend using a disposable panty liner in our diaper for girls who are in season.  For housebreaking and incontinence, we recommend using either a sanitary napkin or disposable diaper inside our panty.   Panty liners, sanitary napkins and disposable diapers help to keep our panty clean. 

For the boys and girls that need to wear panties 24x7, we add special wicking material and soaking material to help keep your pup clean and dry.  Just like our human babies, it's important to keep our pups comfortable and clean.  Let us know what your pup's situation is.  We are glad to accommodate the special needs of both boy and girl dogs.   There is no charge for inserts. 

Breed Standard Female Dog Diapers:

We have breed standard diapers for Whippets and Labrador Retrievers.  We've been able to design these patterns with the help of our clients who are breeders.   If you have a breed standard bitch and would like to work with us to design a pattern specifically for your breed, please let us know (

Male/Boy Dog Diapers:

We do not stock our male dog diapers at this time.  If you have a boy, please let us know and we will custom make his diapers.  Diapers for boys are made differently than diapers for girls.  We do make belly bands for boys as well, please contact us for diapers for boys and/or belly bands for boys (

Dog Diapers without a Tail Hole:

If your dog doesn't need a tail hole, we make our diapers without a hole.  Just let us know. 

Custom Dog Diapers:

If your female or male dog is between sizes, we customize our diaper pattern just for your dog.  If the base of the panty fits perfectly and the straps (waistband) do not quite make it around, we make the straps longer to accommodate the waist of your dog.  We don't recommend going up to a larger size, in these cases, as the bottom portion of the panty will be baggy.  We make whatever modifications are needed to our dog diaper to keep your dog comfortable.

Velcro and Washing:

Fancy Nancy's female and male dog diapers fasten around the waist with Velcro and have extra padding where it's needed the most.   Available in  x-Small, Medium, Medium Whippet, Large, x-Large, x-Large Shorty (Labrador Retriever), xx-Large and xxx-Large.   Machine wash and dry, gentle.   If you have several pairs and can take the time to hang to dry, as with any high quality cotton, they will last longer. 

Tee Shirts:

We offer tee shirts for pups who are paralyzed or need a solution for holding up diapers.  Tee shirts may be purchased for fun as well (without purchasing FancyNancys diapers).   For dogs needing a tee shirt for a diaper,  we customize our diapers to attach to the tee shirts.  To order tee shirts please go here.


For the female dog who doesn't have a waist to hold up her dog pants, we offer suspenders ($10).  How to measure for suspenders?  Please only use suspenders if your pup is supervised.